An expungement is the process by which various law enforcement agencies are directed by the court to seal your file that may contain records of past arrests or convictions. Not all past criminal convictions are subject to the Expungement statute. Research is needed in order to determine what records are and are not allowed to be Expunged.

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     The Expungement procedure is started by filing a Petition for Expungement with the court. Thereafter, a hearing is set and notice must be given to many law enforcement agencies. Sometimes, a law enforcement agency may file an objection to your Petition. In that event you may have to appear in court and argue your case. We do not recommend attempting an Expungement procedure on your own. There are several technical forms that must be properly completed and properly filed with the correct state agencies. Failure to file the proper form or provide correct information may result in an objection being filed with the judge assigned to hear your case. We have several times been approached by individuals that are frustrated by the process when they attempt self-help in completing and filing their own forms. Often, people overlook past transgressions and need legal assistance to file the appropriate Applications with the Court. Mark Law Firm will handle obtaining the necessary information, completing the proper paperwork and filing the proper forms with the Court in order to bring the situation to a successful conclusion.

     Whether or not you are eligible for an Expungement depends on the type and number of criminal records you have. The type of record means whether a conviction was for an "indictable offense" (crime punishable by more than six months or more), for a "disorderly persons offense" (crime punishable by less than six months), or for a violation of a municipal ordinance. If you pled guilty in Superior Court, then it was for an indictable offense. If, on the other hand, the conviction or guilty plea occurred in a municipal court, it was probably for a disorderly persons conviction .

     In order to properly file an Expungement, it is imperative that we obtain your past records. This is usually accomplished by contacting the county prosecutor in the county where the arrest or conviction occurred. If the information is not available at the prosecutor's office, there are other ways to obtain this information.

     We have represented many individuals whom need legal assistance to file Expungement Applications in the Superior Court of New Jersey. We know exactly how to file the forms, what information is need and exactly what agencies to contact. Call us today at 973-423-9000.

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